Keeneland Meet Info

A few things to live by at Keeneland with dirt the P4s will not pay 3K 4K for 50cent in order to get big hits you must hit them multiple times .  
How did we do it in the Fall we hit 3 different P4s 30 40 times .  I know smaller players cant do that but you can hit them 4 5 times and still get a nice return .
Keeneland is very predictable with the top riders trainers shooting for this meet wanting to win.   
I can promise you buying work reports for $400 for a 3 week meet is a waste , the horses are coming from everywhere , you must pay attn to where they are coming from.   Gulfstream shippers are KEY …….Tampa shippers are sneaky …. California shippers are auto toss outs especially in Graded Stakes on Grass. 
Pletcher Motion are two national trainers that have ramped up their Spring Keeneland barn lately.   
Please read the 10 rules
Also  website is golden for great Free information on horses working at Keeneland ,  and the clockers comments are golden .  Very sharp guy .