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Dan, Ive been using an offshore betting account for the past two weeks because I live in ******** and DHB didn’t have the Derby. I didn’t feel like driving down to ******* or up to ********* Park so I decided to go ahead and sign up with this off shore company that came highly recommended and gave me  a decent bonus for signing up. Well long story short, I took $500 dollars and the $250 bonus I received from them and with your picks have ran this account to well over $10,000. To be fair I did get my head kicked in like everyone else last two weeks of Keeneland playing with you, nonetheless I stayed with you because I could tell by the way you were playing at Keeneland that you knew what you were doing and was just snake bit. I received an email today from the off shore company explaining that I would no longer be allowed to place wagers on Horses but could bet anything else, lol!  Dan you got me banned, thought you might get a kick out of that!


From Bill

Dan, bought the CD package today, turned the 10 bones it cost into 500. You r the man. Thanks, and Happy Fathers Day


From Scott

Best value I ever had for $10. You not only picked many winners you gave me all kinds of options to bet whatever I wanted. Thank you. Cant wait for Saratoga!


“I am a small time player who doesn’t have time to follow all the racing jurisdictions. Dan’s insight into the Kentucky racing world and especially the Keeneland meet is off the chain. He gives great picks, value plays and explains how he would be playing. Cant ask for more!”


Yonkers, NY


“Dan not only gave us his picks the entire Keeneland meet Free, he then helped me win Derby weekend and again Belmont weekend. He gave me a horse Live in Joy that paid like $32 and then I had the double for $4500 for $2. I am a small player and following Dan the last 6 months has been unbelievable. thank You Dan for all you do.”

Brian from Cincinnati


“thanks for the Late Pick 4 at Churchill 2 days in a row, I won over $1000”

Coach from Kentucky


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