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Picks at All the Tracks We Handicap 5 Day A Week 52 Weeks a Year

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Talking Tickets Weekly Video and Much More

Kentucky, New York, California, Florida, Maryland Tracks & Many More
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Keeneland Meet & Road to Kentucky Derby

The Kentucky Derby Trail has begun,  Keeneland season has begun.   Do you want Free Horse racing Picks?  We got Free Horse Racing Picks,  when you buy a product like Keeneland Picks you get the other tracks we are doing absolutely Free!.   At Keeneland the last 7 yrs we are averaging 36% Top Pick Winners with a FLAT ROI Profit.   Our Pick 4 and Pick 5 plays are 2nd to NONE.   Dan has written a book on beating Keeneland and he is correct we need to play straight and Pick 4 and if you do you will show a profit.  Dan believes the single is the most important part of the Pick 4 .  At Keeneland FBG gets more information than anyone in the industry.  He has connections which run 40 yrs deep. He knows trainers, riders, owners and constantly gives out horses no one has.   His first timer information is off the charts.  Ward in the spring you better know which ones can run and which ones cant.   BUY now and get Free Picks from other tracks.

Buy the Kentucky Derby package get all of Keeneland Meet and all those Keeneland Picks then get the week of the Kentucky Derby and again get Free picks from all the other tracks we go. Our Kentucky Derby Selections have been dead on for years now.  Dan bet and won hundreds of thousands of dollars over these two days.  You can get Free Picks from other but no one bets his opinions like Dan does.  

Keeneland Pool opens soon if you want in Dan's Pool email , He will have a Pool for Keeneland and a Pool for the Kentucky Derby.   He will be firing away at Straight wagers and Pick 4's and some Pick 5's.   Jump in NOW !!! 

FBG With Brilliant Racing II Year in Review!!

2019 Year in Review!!

We started off the year with City of Light winning the Pegasus in Style,  then we saw the emergence of the Horse of the Year in Bricks and Mortar.  Our Picks and membership folks cashed on both.  Keeneland rolled around and we got to see the best of our racing while California ridiculous things continued to happen. The social media mob of folks who don't know anything about racing continued to have a voice in California even more than horse people. The Santa Anita breakdowns got out of hand with the weather and the change in the track along with the change in the track super.  FBG continued to thrive though thru the spring with memberships holding steady and only a few people breaking their commitment.  
May rolled around and we got to see Maximum Security emerge. He rolled thru Florida and many didnt believe, we all questioned his class and speed figures.  In the Kentucky Derby he showed us it was all legit.  The Churchill folks let the downpour hit and we had to run the Derby in the slop instead of moving the race up one hour.  The DQ was questionable at best.  To this day, it is the Only DQ on the turn in North America.  Some believe it was a good call I for one do not believe that . I believe the video shows War of Will stepping on the back ankles of Max and that caused him to bolt to the right to get away from that.  No matter he got the DQ and then we didn't see him for quite a while.  He did come back to prove he is a fragile but really nice horse and we will see what happens if he runs as a 4yr old. 
Our FBG Free Picks thru May and June continued to help people on FBGMobile and our membership Horse racing Picks continued to thrive at almost 30% as a team and individual handicappers having 33-34% meets. 
The Preakness and Belmont we not memorable neither was the Saratoga meet.  The summer was very boring really as many horses went to the sidelines and not much was stepping up. Once we got to the Breeders Cup we finally were able to see some big time Stars come out. Mitole had a tremendous year. Sistercharlie couldn't overcome that speed turf course.  Bricks got it done by an inch as the Euro got in trouble in the lane may have been best of all.  We got to see Vino Rosso emerge as the best horse in the country.  FBG had him as a Top Pick and was given out all over the air waves.  $11 is like stealing in the BC Classic.  That track was so deep and tiring we all had to adjust and below you could see we had a great two days of profit on the straight wager Top Picks. 
The future is bright for FBG and for Free Horse Racing Picks.   We offer Free Picks on the FBGMobile daily.  Sometimes we have several sometimes we have a few but we always have some.  Free Picks and not the information picks we have.  FBG gets the best information for the money in the country.  We strive to get information and we live on it.  Our paying members get the information every day we play along with the best picks in the country.
In 2019 FBG introduced FBG Notes and the notes have been thriving with winners. The Watch List is helping many have a better chance to cash tickets, we improved our multi race tickets on the sheet.   Our sheets are thriving and FBG is listening to clients to get better each day and each year.

2020 is going to be a big success and we cant wait to be a part of it.  California is going to have to grow a backbone and elect some leadership that is strong willed.  Churchill has taken over Kentucky racing by buying Turfway and the rebuild has begun.  CDI is a strong company with bigtime leadership and they are striving to improve Northern Kentucky racing.  I think it will happen and will happen fast.  We will see bigger purses and bigger pools.  I am very excited to be a part of the future.   If I could impress anything upon horse players it would be to bet Kentucky racing, bet Florida and New York racing and tell California what we think by staying away.   California needs to clean house and they also need to get leaders who wont crumble to the social media lunacy.  That's my 2 cents.


2019 Breeders Cup Recap!!!

2019 Breeders Cup was a success , but man we missed a few big ones by an inch.   After Structor and British Idiom both won for us at $12.60 and $7.40 I thought we had the P4 and P5 wrapped up only to blow in the next couple when the ground broke out from Dennis.   Our BCBC hopes went up in flames too.   I know many will say why ?   All I can say was there were several big favorites in the two days and some won some didn't part of the BC is to navigate through them and pick the right ones.  I thought we did til the ground didn't cooperate.  We then pounded the last race with a straight trifecta that paid Big and an exacta that also was nice. Threefiveindia won like the cinch he looked like paying a whooping $8.20 so in 10 races we also had the 3rd race winner for $5 totaled $33.20 for a $13.20 positive ROI on Friday .  We were so close to a monster day but at least it was positive. 4 for 10 isn't bad for BC day . 
Saturday was also a day of just misses followed by a few bangs.  We started the day off right with a nice daily double of top picks for $7.40 and $4.00 with a $25 DD . We swung and missed trying to beat a few favorites but rolled some doubles thru the day. We then got to the big races and clocked the Tri in the Turf and in the Classic.  We also clocked the daily double.   We said only 59 in Turf and Vino Rosso was our Top pick to the tune of $11.20.  So $24.60 total just missing breaking even left the two day total at $57.80 for $44 spent and a positive two day ROI of $13.80.   We also clocked the Super in the Turf and the Classic to tune of $5700 and $1100 or so.  
Are we happy in missing the big Pick 4 and Pick 5 no we are not, but to have a positive ROI for the 2 day BC is not easy and is why we put in the work.   FBG is proud of all the FBG Notes and all the help we gave that week.
I cant wait to get 2020 started and firing away!!!    Lets Do This !! 
We are 300 members strong and growing every day do NOT let price get in the way contact us we want you as a member, we want to help ! 

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