Kentucky Derby Special $99

I want picks from now until Kentucky Derby cause after the Derby I don't care much

Well OK lets do that!!

5 Months of picks ending with the Kentucky Day Day 2018 festivities.
What would that usually cost someone?
Well today its $99.
One time Price of $99 ,
Includes NEW ROI Sheet & NEW LongShot Sheet....

Road To The Triple Crown $199

All Pick Now Through Belmont Stakes
All Tracks Full Cards ALL WEEK!!!
All Picks, Videos & Information
Pick 3, 4 and 5's
Talking Ticket Video Saturday!!!

Saturday's Only ROI Picks $4.95Keeneland Race Course Lexington, Kentucky WISE DAN The 27th Running of The Shadwell Turf Mile Gr I 10/6/2012 Purse $750,000 One Mile-Turf 1:34.94 Morton Fink, Owner Charles Lopresti, Trainer Jose Lezcano, Jockey Wilcox Inn (2nd) Slip And Drive (3rd) $3.20 $2.40 $2.40 Please Give Photo Credit To: / Coady Photography 

These are selected horses from our team of handicappers around the country. 
We try to keep the sheet under 10 horses around the entire country.
We even listed the handicapper so if you like that handicapper you can play the horse.
If you don’t like the handicapper you can pass and only play the handicapper you like best.

One Day Picks $12.95Keeneland Race Course Lexington, Kentucky WISE DAN The 27th Running of The Shadwell Turf Mile Gr I 10/6/2012 Purse $750,000 One Mile-Turf 1:34.94 Morton Fink, Owner Charles Lopresti, Trainer Jose Lezcano, Jockey Wilcox Inn (2nd) Slip And Drive (3rd) $3.20 $2.40 $2.40 Please Give Photo Credit To: / Coady Photography 

Full Cards On All Tracks
BUT You Get SOOO much more ,  you get FULL Cards, All TRACKS

 So you get FULL Cards for the Price of $2

If this is NOT enough you get suggested plays for P3 P4

If this is NOT enough you get our Star Plays at the tracks.


Saturday & Sunday BOMB Sheet $4.95Keeneland Race Course Lexington, Kentucky WISE DAN The 27th Running of The Shadwell Turf Mile Gr I 10/6/2012 Purse $750,000 One Mile-Turf 1:34.94 Morton Fink, Owner Charles Lopresti, Trainer Jose Lezcano, Jockey Wilcox Inn (2nd) Slip And Drive (3rd) $3.20 $2.40 $2.40 Please Give Photo Credit To: / Coady Photography 

Utilizing a custom computer program to analyze races from a purely statistical point of view,
The FBG Bomb Sheet will give you 3-4 live longshots that will give you an edge over the weekend player! 
Add these big prices into your Pick 4's, bet straight, however you like. 
When one hits, we will be well on our way to backing up the money truck!!!


Yearly Membership One Payment $450

 All Picks and Tracks Every Week Wednesday thru Sunday
     Picks at All the Tracks We Handicap
All Big Day and Meets All for One Low Price
Talking Tickets Weekly Video and Much More
Kentucky, New York, California, Florida Tracks & Many More

Fun Day Helping out Keeneland Charities 



FBG Members and buyers this sheet is making a name for itself around the country as folks who do not like to win or do not like the grind continue to try to poke holes in it.  All I know is FBG members requested it and 17 weeks later we have won 14 weeks. This is not for everyone.  This is a sheet about making $1 profit each week.  We have almost doubled our money in 17 weeks. Wouldn’t everyone like to double their money each year for the amount you play?  I know I would but we all get wrapped up in the chase for big hits I get it but this sheet is not that.  This is about the grind let’s get $1 of profit.

17 weeks $384 wagered w DDs for $579 returned for just $2 to win and $2 DDs when on sheet, this is betting $2 and you and I know there is no one betting $2 so let us look at this another way .  $20 to win $5790.00  or almost $2000 in Profit if you are following along with this , what if you bet $200 on each one you are up $19000 …..

 14 for 17 weeks we have profit, we have won 93 of 181 horses we have given out ….yep   51.3% winners

Last week Fla Derby Dubai day 12 horses 1 DD $30 total wagered 8 for 12 53.40 for $30 ….easy money

Some weeks we may have as few as 6 or 7 horses some weeks large as 14.   Some weeks a few doubles some with one or even none.   It is about $1 in profit every week

Keeneland we are ready !!

I Have No Idea How Dan Picks So Many Winners!!!

Bee Jersey $11

StarStruck Kitten $9.00

Trust $9.80

Galilianco $12.40

His Star plays at Keeneland are always right there “ Ray NY

How does Dan come up with these horses, he has taught me so much on One Start horses and what to look for” Doug KY

“My first time with FBG and Dan is simply WAY better than anyone at Keeneland helping me win” TRob OH

This is just a small part of the emails we get every day at FBG .   

Helping folks know what to look for ant Keenenland is half the battle the other half is making the right tickets. 

Dan is over 30% every Keeneland meet for 10 years w Top Pick winners

We are 32% thru first 8 days.

Let’s finish strong and then dive into the Breeders Cup where we hit big last year.

Let’s Do This!!!!

Keeneland last year was 37% WINNERS in the FALL.

The Keeneland Fall Meet for 4 yrs running has been FBG most successful and profitable MEET.

You gottsa JUMP IN. We had an average of 3.7 Top Pick winners a day and had a POSITIVE ROI.

Keeneland is Here before you know it jump IN Now every day you wait you lose value on your money. Picks start the day you sign up.

Breeders Cup and the road to it, we send more info to guy then any other place and it is not close, if it exists we get it and send it.

Doesn’t everyone want all the information they can gather.

We help you do that.

  2017 Saratoga Delmar Ellis Meet Recap

     Kentucky Downs , Churchill, Belmont , And others.    

YES we will have them and YES we have some things to share here.

Saraotga finished 29% Top Picks,  Ellis Park 34% , we were more then SOLID, at Delmar  NOT good and yes we are honest 66/308  21% , see we are honest when we don't do well.
I actually saw a guy on twitter proclaiming a certain guy had great meet at Spa he was 17% 68 for 406 and he is bragging ????  His ROI which you guys know I don't really think means a damn thing but this guy does and it was negative $161 or  $812 wagered $651 returned or negative 20% and that's a GREAT meat, give me a frigin break.  He is breaking people. 
We believe at FBG only 1 ROI is important and that is YOU the player .  If the every race picks are solid and we can provide 3 winners a day with top picks and have 3-4 A horses win we are helping YOU with your plays and keeping you in action .  Giving you the shoulder to get some other opinion as you pick YOUR tickets together.  By sitting back and stabbing at 17% and only providing another horse or two that is breaking people while stabbing at long shots. 
We refuse to be a part of the problem in horse racing we want to be part of the solution of helping guys make plays, giving them a high percentage single that will win 40% of the time.   If we can do that we are giving people a chance to hit that single then spread like mad and hit a longshot in a race none of us likes too much.  Single Spread method is the way to go to have big hits, to give YOU the player a chance to hit .
Last year at Kentucky Downs we had a very solid meet we found the right races to single and spread in the tough races.  We hit a Pick 4 for $6000.   We had solid picks at 30% winners.  It is a short meet , but its a very tough meet.  The way to beat Ky Downs is bet small tickets and spread out more then you usually do.   If you are $5 players play $2 and add horses.  
We are ready FIND that single and SPREAD .  Lets do this . 

Kentucky Oaks & Derby Recap 2017!!!

WOW What a 2 Days for FBG buyers, members, and Pool Players.  To say that was a classic weekend is an understatement
  ICE Cold 3 straight Top Picks in the Oaks Wood Derby Pick 3 for $176  
ICE Cold Oaks Derby Double for $146
 Oaks Day $20 to win on our top Selection you get $458.00
 Derby Day $20 to win gets you $502 .  10 for 27 in 2 Days with Top Picks , A selections were 9 for 13 on Friday , Saturday 10 for 14
   We had so many clients send cashed tickets in two days it was hard to get to them, Pick 4's Pick 5's both days We loved the stories and tickets.
Dan was involved in 3 pools.
One Started with $6000 ended with $34,000 and IRS took $7000 so sent back $26000 to clients.
2nd Pool was w Betptc started with $13000 ended with $44000 and IRS took $10000 sent $34000 back to clients.
3rd Pool started with $1500 and ended $4000 playing just selected straight wagers.
Members Sent Super hit Oaks Day , Pick 4 Pick 5 hit Oaks Day 
Oaks Derby DD and P3 many many sent that crushed it 
Friday Top Pick winners 

She's a Ture Beauty $15.20
La Coronel  $4.00
Abel Tasman  $20.40
McCormick $6.00
Plus had 2 Pick 4's and Late Pick 5 
Saturday Top Pick Winners 
Rocket Time  $7.80
Caviar Czar $8.20  given out as Best Bet of the Day 4 Star Play 
Roca Rojo $4.60
Divisdero  $9.00
Always Dreaming $11.40
Wicked Macho $9.20  Firster with big info we got
Plus early P4, Pick 5 and late late Pick 4 and Pick 5 
Derby day so many emails we cant even post them .  Every play you can think of.
SO its time to get that in the past as a great Horse Racing story and focus on The Preakness only 2 weeks away.  Obviously on those two days we will have Churchill and Belmont selections which are also important those days.  We will have full cards for the Preakness Day and Black Eyed Susan Day cards.   Hopefully our information is as good as Derby week .  I welcome anyone to work harder to get information then Dan does, like how awesome was it to know you can single a first time starter at the end of the Derby day P4 P5 wager and he wins and pays $9.20....ending $500 Pick 4 and $10000 Pick 5 that all the FBG members flogged .


The $30 or $39 a MONTH is NOTHING


It is be the best money you ever spent , like a caddie for golf YOU make the decision , we supply the inside information, we suggest what to attack, BUT YOU make the ticket,  YOU make the decision.


Any Website Issues email

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2017 FatBaldGuyracing Schedule

December 16--- January 
Turfway Dan Cronin Full Meet
Gulfstream park Dan Cronin Full Meet 
Aqueduct  Team FBG 
West Coast Team FBG 
Fairgrounds Team FBG
Tampa Downs Team FBG weekends
January Thru March 
Turfway Park Dan Cronin Full Meet
Gulfstream Park Dan Cronin Full Meet
Aqueduct Team FBG 
West Coast Tracks Team FBG
Fairgrounds Team FBG
Oaklawn  Team FBG
Tampa Downs Team FBG weekends
April Thru June 
Keeneland and Churchill Dan Cronin Full Meet
West Coast Tracks Team FBG
Aqueduct and Belmont Team FBG Spot plays and Weekends
Oaklawn Team FBG
Woodbine Team FBG weekends 
Monmouth Park Team FBG 
July Thru September
Ellis Park Team FBG
Saratoga Dan Cronin Full Meet
West Coast Tracks Team FBG
Woodbine Team FBG
Monmouth Team FBG 
Kentutcky Downs Dan Cronin Meet
October November
Keeneland Churchill Dan Cronin 
West Coast Tracks Team FBG
Woodbine Team FBG
Aqueduct Belmont Team FBG 
Breeders Cup and Road to It Preps etc etc Team FBG 
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2016 Big Hits Congrats to FBG Members

Eric A had so many we don’t even know where to begin but he sent us several P4 P5 hits thru the year

Jack J had his big win at Keeneland in the grade One Gamble

Doc Steve had a huge P4 and P5 hit this year once again

Brian H hit pick 5 at Ch on Derby Day for 25K

Matty H crushed 40K P6 at Spa in August

Scott D manhandled a 40-1 shot to the tune of 20K

Craig absolutely dismantled Ellis Park at a rate we have never seen w huge profit for the meet

FBG Fall Meet at Keeneland was one of the best we had profit over 30K

FBG Saratoga Meet also one of our best over 40% Star Plays and Profit for the meet

Eric A wrote “ I don’t know what I would do without you guys , a record year I cant wait for 2017”

Brian wrote “ I no way qualify for NHC without FBG you guys are the best in the business

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