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FatBaldGuy or Keeneland Dan as his Twitter followers know him as is the the best handicapper in the business.  Dan is the ultimate handicapper because of his 25 years of horse racing knowledge and the extreme amount of research which it takes to win on a consistent basis. Dan spends 50 to 60 hours a week in the Formulator DRF PP’s and Brisnet Ultimate PPS .

5 years ago Dan went public and opened Fatbaldguy racing,  the membership has grown 300% in 5 yrs to where Dan cuts it off now .  Dan’s willingness to teach and talk with members is second to none.

Dan’s system has worked for several years now and its why Dan has went public to teach others and not only provide picks but also teach the method.  Dan believes in the multi race wager as well as Star play straight bets.  He does not believe in betting 30 races a day every day.

Dan believes in 3 star and 4 star plays and hitting over 35% of these plays with a rebate the math makes it possible to win.  Dan believes in having an opinion and trying to crush that one or two races.

Some of Dan’s best hits were :

  • 2018 Kentucky Downs Hit 50,000 Pick 5
  • 2018 BCBC Finished 19th
  • 2016, 2018, 2019 NHC Qualifier
  • Keeneland Grade One Gamble 2 Straight Top Ten Finishes
  • 2010.2011,2012,2013,2015  Breeders Cup late Pick 4
  • 2013 Breeders Cup 8 of 14 winners, Late Pick 4, Early Pick 5
  • October 14th 2006 Mixteca 38-1 wins 1st at Keeneland and entire Bus full of people followed Dan’s pick and cashed for over $100k on the first race of the day. 50 people on bus all crushed the straight bet, exacta, trifecta, and daily double and Pick 3.
  • 2005,2012,2013 Kentucky Derby Pick 4, and Oaks Derby Double
  • 2015 Hit for $30,000 on the Early Pick 4 on Kentucky Oaks Card
  • 2012 Travers Day rolling Pick 3 from 1st thru 12th race. Had Golden Ticket as Top Pick at 34-1
  • Keeneland Picks readers voted in a landslide that Dan Cronin was the most influential Keeneland Handicapper 3 years in a row.
  • Dan holds 14 times a sweep of the card with 1st pick selection winning the entire card.
  • 2012 40% 1st pick winners documented online each day for the entire Keeneland Spring Meet.
  • There are many more to list but also he has had his share of just misses too.
  • 2006 Breeders Cup needed Bernardini  to win classic for $32k in Pick 4 winnings.

Dan separates himself from other handicappers by his willingness to talk, tweet, and respond to everyone and to help prepare tickets, budgets, and plays for his guys.  No one in the industry is willing to help the bettor like Dan is.  Dan can be seen online, on twitter, or at the track constantly helping other gamblers.



Dan Cronin

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