Non West Coast Team

Non West Coast FBG Team

Carbarstables AKA The Banker
Carbarstables lives in Cincinnati, Ohio and works in the banking industry providing commercial loans to operating companies that have borrowing needs in the $1 million to $10 million range. He began going to the horse races in 1980 and cashed his first bet ever made. The bet was an exacta with the selection based on the colors of the silks. Since 1980 he has raised his children and now spends too much time at the track. Tracks of interest are Tampa, Gulfstream, Keeneland, Woodbine and Saratoga. His favorite wages are the doubles, pick 3’s and pick 4’s. He selections focus on changes with horses that include trainers (horses racing off a claim), equipment changes and medication changes. Also, he likes to find horses that are in a race as the only speed. High percentage trainers and jockeys are a must.


Matt Whitaker
Woodbine, Aqueduct Picks
Makes Aqueduct Picks
Matt does picks for Woodbine and Aqueduct and has remained consistent for 3 years now . He has picked around 25% winners while bringing home prices. Matt is known to not harp on chalk every day and to find value in selections.


Craig Broaddus
Ellis Park, Churchill Tracks
Midwest Tracks
CC is known as the #1 Ellis Park handicapper in Kentucky. There is not a real player in Kentucky that doesnt know how good CC is. FBG was lucky to snatch him up 3 yrs ago. Since then CC has posted over 30% win percentage every meet at Ellis Park while his Star Plays have been over 42% each meet. CC fills in for Dan in November for Churchill Downs too. CC is a very very good handicapper and the Kentucky circuit is his main one. No one has to worry about if CC is betting his selections either.


Maryland Circuit
Jeff comes to us after a 2 year extensive search to find someone dedicated to the Maryland tracks. Laurel and Pimlico are his deal and we can’t wait to get started with Jeff. So far so good as he is posting over 30% win percentage. Jeff is a young gun in the industry with a bright future. We are glad to get him started.




Born and raised in Wisconsin and a graduate of Wisconsin-Stout prior to moving to Minnesota.  I now live about a 2 minute drive away from Canterbury Park in Shakopee – which is awesome for me.  Horrible for my wife.
Growing up, my dad would take me to the races once a year, but I didn’t really take a strong following to the sport until college.  While there, I met a friend who had family in the racing business at Laurel.  One day, he gave me a first time starter to bet at 22-1 and the info was good – he sped off and won easily.  That’s when I first got excited about racing – I saw not only the potential in making $, but about getting information others didn’t have, and beating others at this game.
Fun hits:
– $6,000 Trifecta Hit at Laurel with 22-1 on top
– Documented hit of a $140 horse G P Ricky at Gulfstream on 6/30/16
– Had American Pharoah at over 30-1 in Vegas prior to 2015 Derby pools
– $1875 Pick 5 win on a $4 ticket – 1/1/15
You can find me on Twitter @Meloncharlie typically complaining about a bet I didn’t win. I’m also out at Canterbury pretty often during the summer.  Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions or want to know how I came to the conclusion on a certain horse.  I’m always more than happy to share my thoughts.