The last Kentucky Derby in 2019 was controversial, and this time around, there have been many speculations as to which horse will become the winner and be named the next star, possibly with a chance at winning the Triple Crown. In this article, you will find some of the early potential contenders of the 2020 Kentucky Derby. But you should also know that they have not yet released the final lineup of the horses that will be contending as we are in the midst of several Kentucky Derby qualifying races.

Kentucky Derby

This is a horse race event that is held in Louisville, Kentucky, every year on the 1st Saturday of May. This competition is for Thoroughbreds 3 years of age, running a distance of a mile and a quarter.

Horses to participate in the 2020 Kentucky derby

The goal and prayer of every trainer are that they own the best horse. As the Kentucky Derby approaches, you will be making plans to get the most out of your betting. For you to gain from this upcoming event, the first thing you should do is to look carefully, the horses that will be contending. Please, have it at the back of your mind that the final list is not yet out and this list we are about to write can likely change. Below are some of the horses that will likely participate in the 2020 Kentucky Derby.

  • Eight rings
  • Maxfield
  • Dennis’ moment
  • Tiz the law
  • Silver prospector
  • Storm the court
  • Shotski
  • Shoplifted
  • Thousand words

Immediately after we entered into the year 2020, every horseman began to think about the next Kentucky derby and very soon, we will begin to see some predictions of the derby as the preparations for the race are beginning to take shape.

The Kentucky Derby prediction

In recent races that have been held, we have seen Eight Rings, Storm the Court, Dennis’ Moment, Tiz the Law, and Maxfield coming out victorious among their contemporaries. Looking at the result of the Breeders Cup Juvenile which Eight Rings and Dennis’s Moment were both beaten by Storm The Court, we can say that Storm the court, being in a good form, will be the toughest opponent in this strong five group of horses.

This is not the end of the story. Remember that Dennis’s Moment had a poor start under Ortiz Irad and he will be ready to right the wrongs in future competitions. We should not forget how disappointing Eight Rings was in Santa Anita. Indeed, he did not run well and will be looking forward to performing better in the next race.

Right now, if you ask me which horses will come out victorious that can be placed a bet on during the upcoming Kentucky derby, Storm the Court will be a nice one at the price of 33/1, and you can also consider Eight Rings for that same price.

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