As a gambler, you may find it very interesting to win the bet you placed in a single horse race. There is something much more fun than that. Just try to play the pick4 to select 4 different winners from four different races!

All the racetracks offer the pick4 betting which requires you to select four winners from 4 consecutive races, one from each race, just in a single ticket.

Pick4 horse racing bet

By playing the pick4 wager, you will win if the selections you made in the four different horse races are correct. The minimum amount of money that can be staked on a pick4 bet is $0.50. Even the minimum stake of the online pick4 bets and the pick4 being placed on the track are the same.

There are different types of pick4 betting and we are going to consider them one after the other.

  • The first type is the $0.50 minimum wheel which all tracks offer. This type of pick4 bet makes it easy for any bettor including the average ones to use many horses without spending too much.
  • You can opt to play the pick4 for a dollar which would mean that you would get double the .50 cent payout, the higher the denomination of course will increase the cost of your pick4 ticket.
  • And there is the straight pick4 bet. With this one, many tracks accept a minimum bet of $2 to be placed on a horse in just one leg at a time. Here is an example:

If you are playing the straight $2 pick4 bet and you select horse number 2 to be the winner of the 1st leg, 5 for 2nd leg, 6 for 3rd leg, and 9 for 4th leg, it would be rendered as:

Straight $2 pick4 – 2, 5, 6, 9 = $2.

Now, let us talk about the amount of money that can be won while playing a pick4 bet.

Possible winnings on a pick4 bet

Every gambler likes to win and as a gambler, you will be delighted to know that you can have an unlimited winning on a pick4 bet, although the pari-mutuel system determines that. If you wager the tickpick4 minimum stake of $0.50, and you correctly select the four winners during the Breeder’s cup, you will receive a whopping $29.725 pick4 payoff, almost 60,000-1 payout.

Most people have asked if they can select more than a single horse in every single leg of the pick4. Well, the answer to that question is, ‘yes’! If you are not so confident in selecting a single in a race, the choices can be narrowed down by picking more than one horse. You can even decide to go expensive by selecting the whole horses at a go in one race. But, you have to be careful and monitor your ticket’s cost.



The last Kentucky Derby in 2019 was controversial, and this time around, there have been many speculations as to which horse will become the winner and be named the next star, possibly with a chance at winning the Triple Crown. In this article, you will find some of the early potential contenders of the 2020 Kentucky Derby. But you should also know that they have not yet released the final lineup of the horses that will be contending as we are in the midst of several Kentucky Derby qualifying races.

Kentucky Derby

This is a horse race event that is held in Louisville, Kentucky, every year on the 1st Saturday of May. This competition is for Thoroughbreds 3 years of age, running a distance of a mile and a quarter.

Horses to participate in the 2020 Kentucky derby

The goal and prayer of every trainer are that they own the best horse. As the Kentucky Derby approaches, you will be making plans to get the most out of your betting. For you to gain from this upcoming event, the first thing you should do is to look carefully, the horses that will be contending. Please, have it at the back of your mind that the final list is not yet out and this list we are about to write can likely change. Below are some of the horses that will likely participate in the 2020 Kentucky Derby.

  • Eight rings
  • Maxfield
  • Dennis’ moment
  • Tiz the law
  • Silver prospector
  • Storm the court
  • Shotski
  • Shoplifted
  • Thousand words

Immediately after we entered into the year 2020, every horseman began to think about the next Kentucky derby and very soon, we will begin to see some predictions of the derby as the preparations for the race are beginning to take shape.

The Kentucky Derby prediction

In recent races that have been held, we have seen Eight Rings, Storm the Court, Dennis’ Moment, Tiz the Law, and Maxfield coming out victorious among their contemporaries. Looking at the result of the Breeders Cup Juvenile which Eight Rings and Dennis’s Moment were both beaten by Storm The Court, we can say that Storm the court, being in a good form, will be the toughest opponent in this strong five group of horses.

This is not the end of the story. Remember that Dennis’s Moment had a poor start under Ortiz Irad and he will be ready to right the wrongs in future competitions. We should not forget how disappointing Eight Rings was in Santa Anita. Indeed, he did not run well and will be looking forward to performing better in the next race.

Right now, if you ask me which horses will come out victorious that can be placed a bet on during the upcoming Kentucky derby, Storm the Court will be a nice one at the price of 33/1, and you can also consider Eight Rings for that same price.


Betting The PICK5

As a gambler, you may find it very interesting to win the bet you placed in a single horse race. There is something much more fun than that. Just try to use pick5 to select 5 different winners from five different races.

Although this might not be found on every track, with the help of pick5 betting, you will be declared a winner if your five selections from the different 5 horse races win.

The minimum amount of money that can be staked on a pick5 bet is $0.50. Even the minimum stake of the online pick5 bets and the pick5 being placed on the track are part of the same pool. Now, let us talk about some helpful tips for using pick5 betting.

Tips for pick5 betting

Pick5 is among the best bets in the world of horse race betting. This style of betting can be very beneficial to both beginners and those that have been into the game for a long time.

The pick5 betting is not like the regular kind of betting we know. A whole lot of strategy is required here and that is why we will let you know about some important tips that will equip you during betting. Below are the tips.

  • Go for a single

The cost of pick5 wagers can increase because of the length of races that are involved. The easiest way to calculate a pick5 cost is through multiplication. For instance, if you want to make use of 2 horses in every leg of the minimum stake ($0.50), the amount will become 2 x2 x 2 x 2 x 2 multiplied by 0.5, which is $16. If it is 3 horses you are making use of, then it will be 3 x 3 x 3 x 3 x 3 multiplied by 0.50, which will make $121.50.

If you are confident of making use of one horse in the 1st leg of a $121.50 wager race, you can single the runner you have selected and all your expenses can be cut, dropping to $40.50.

  • Do not follow the crowd

One of the keys to excelling in a pick5 betting is to go against popular opinions or ideas of the crowd. If everybody plans to single a three to five favorite in the third leg, making a different decision can pay you heavily.

If you hear people claiming that the fourth leg is not possible, and they are going for six horses or even seven, you can be at a great advantage if you are confident in using 1 or 2 horses. This will pay you greatly.




Study the weather

Every year in Kentucky, forty to fifty inches of rain is expected to fall, therefore, it will be wisdom on your part to monitor Churchill Downs weather conditions. For instance, you are in expectation of a firm turf and dry track and have handicapped the pick5, but things did not go as planned, leaving you frustrated while you watch the skies preparing to rain.

This may make you scramble for selecting a replacement after a race that was supposed to be run on the grass is being moved to the track.

With these helpful tips, you will be ready to play the pick5 wager.


E-ponies- What’s Behind The Data

Using a manipulation of e-ponies using MS Excel offers varying preliminary results that look amazing. E-ponies simply refers to a computer-based thoroughbred industry predictive analysis. This website has been designed to offer some of the most researched and well-analyzed picks. Since e-ponies present information to you with some of the best data to back it up. You can pick a wide range of selections that have been picked by experts in the game. The data that are provided on the website are all accurate and when compared to some of the other websites in the line, e-ponies happen to be way ahead of them. Visit the website to get your hands on some of the biggest odds.

What most of the experts do is take the e-ponies data, re-weigh it and also ensure that they are recreated for a number of reasons. One of the main functions of e-ponies is that it takes from a long list of randomly selected tracks then shorten them to ensure that you can get the best picks. Most of the people that have made use of e-ponies have talked about some of the great benefits they offer. Some of these benefits include but are definitely not limited to these;

  1. Accurate Horse Racing Data – prior to this time all in the horse racing industry would have to rely on man-made data and most of this time these data are false and unverifiable. To solve this problem, e-ponies have been designed. They are referred to as the key phrase in the industry because they offer helpful tips that you can stake on. They also store data that are helpful to individuals as well. It can be said to be the best site for all your horse racing picks.
  2. Best Odds – when compared to other websites, e-ponies tend to offer some of the best odds in the industry. This is exactly why it is one of the most talked-about horse racing and analytics data website in the industry. Unlike some of the other websites, e-ponies ensure that users can choose the best bookmaker for the odds they want to wager on.

How To Stake

Once you have gotten an idea of the best odds to pick from, the next thing to do would be to add them to your bet slip menu. Once that is done, you can simply have your bet placed on any of the bookmakers of your choice. That is the most interesting part of this website.

In addition to this, this website as mentioned earlier recommends some of the biggest bookmakers that you can choose from in the process making it completely hassle-free to stake your games.

This website has been designed to offer all in the industry in-depth knowledge of horse racing and it does this by storing data and also ensuring that all can get their hands on this data. There are also free picks that you can choose from when you decide to visit this website.



As more and more people become interested in horse racing and wagering, there is an increased need for reliable handicappers. While horseplayers seek to make the best horse picks, this is no easy feat. The help of someone experienced in evaluating horses and selecting the best picks is highly regarded. Andy Serling is one of such handicappers who provides expert insight and analysis of horses to help horse racing lovers make good picks for each race.

Although there are no hard and fast rules for making good picks and earning high profits on your wagers, a handicapper makes it much easier to select the horse who is likely to win. With someone like Andy Serling, bettors have no choice but to listen whenever he talks. This is because he is known for being quite skeptical and makes a point not to jump to the most obvious conclusions.

Who Is Andy Serling?

Andy Serling is a well-known handicapper who also has a show known as Across the Board with Andy Sterling. The 57-year old provides commentary for the New York Racing Association (NYRA) and his picks are trusted by many all over New York and Florida. Andy Sterling was previously a stock trader about 10 years ago although during this time he had been doing a bit of handicapping.

With horse racing, almost everyone has their own opinion on the best horse picks. However, Andy Serling is one whose opinion is highly valued. There are several handicappers who each have their own analyses and opinions, but Andy Serling easily grabs the attention of even professional horseplayers and not just novices.

Andy Serling’s approach is to look for information that is not obvious on the surface. He believes you have to be smarter than other bettors to actually make profits at the track. He is easily one of the best handicappers because he doesn’t simply have good days and bad days. Even when he goes 0 for 10, his picks are often relied on compared to other handicappers.

Being a proactive individual, Andy Serling makes in-depth research on horses, noting their pedigrees, studying the performance of trainers and evaluating videos of horses’ past races. This is what gives him an edge over other handicappers.

What Is Handicapping?

Simply put, handicapping in horse racing involves evaluating horses based on their running history in order to decide which would be the likely one to win in a race. It is not a randomized system and definitely is not as simple as picking horses based on irrelevant factors like mane color.

Handicapping comprises assessing the ability of horses, their pure quality, how they fared in previous races, and the competition the horses will face in a race. Based on this information, the handicapper can provide well-detailed insight as to the right horses to pick and place wagers on.

Some handicappers are better than others because they dig deeper and generally do not follow the crowd. They give unique options rather than stating obvious circumstances. Andy Serling is one such handicapper who also incorporates various handicapping facets into his daily play.



If you have ever been to a popular horse racing track, then you have probably seen Kevin Cox but didn’t know it was him. Well, he’s kind of hard to miss (being 6’4 and often wearing a cowboy hat). For most horse racing lovers, Kevin Cox picks are the go-to for horse picks and he has become so well known that some fans simply depend on Kevin Cox picks.

In North America, horse racing is greatly loved and with so many entries daily, it becomes necessary to make good horse picks like Kevin Cox picks. However, not everyone can do this effortlessly. In fact, making good horse picks does require some tact, research, and experience. While you can do these on your own, people do prefer to rely on a trusted handicapper, hence, Kevin Cox picks are often sought.

Who Is Kevin Cox?

There are a thousand and one things to say about Kevin Cox. Also known as the Brooklyn Cowboy, Kevin Cox is a Brooklyn, NY native who is considered one of the greatest horse handicappers. He was actually an employee of the NYPD for 20 years and a lead character in a series involving handicapping contests.

Currently, Kevin Cox a wein involved in a webbsite called Saratoga Bets and this is easily the best place to find Kevin Cox picks. Here, he provides his top horse selections as well as analyses of each one. For anyone searching for Kevin Cox picks, this website is the first place you should check out.

Being an outspoken person, Kevin Cox has been an advocate for proper aftercare of horse racetracks and horses themselves. He believes horses should be well taken care of and not over-worked. Just because a horse is so good on the racetrack does not mean it cannot break down at any moment due to lack of care. This is one of the major reasons Kevin Cox picks are often amongst the best.

What Does A Horse Handicapper Do?

In horse racing, horses are given ratings after taking part in three races. The handicapper is someone who assesses a horse to determine if it will be a good pick, just like Kevin Cox picks. Each week, handicappers re-assess horses based on their running history and keep records of their ability. This assessment is what determines the horse’s official racing. Kevin Cox picks are often along these lines.




Horse racing is a widely loved sport across North America and horse race enthusiasts often seek ways to keep entertained even when they are not at a horse racetrack to watch a race live. This is one of the reasons fans spend a lot of time on www.XBTV.com. As a means of keeping up to date with the latest horse races, interviews, and horse picks, www.XBTV.com offers the perfect solution to horse racing lovers. The digital age we live in today requires advancements almost constantly and www.XBTV.com is just one of the ways technology is being incorporated into horse racing.

What Is www.XBTV.com?

Similar to popular networks that provide entertainment content, www.XBTV.com is a digital HD online network specifically for horse racing content (so don’t expect to see any news on Kylie Jenner’s new tattoo or the latest movies in 2019). This network, owned by The Stronach Group, is one of the greatest providers of horse racing content to users all over the country in the form of morning workouts from any track you can think of.

Not only will you have access to detailed information and professional analysis of horse races and racetracks, but you will also be provided insider interviews as well as insight from experts from different parts of the country. As a horse race lover, having no access to this network is depriving yourself of a truckload of content you cannot get elsewhere.

www.XBTV.com is the go-to online destination to get analysis and workouts from tracks such as Pimlico, Laurel Park, Saratoga, Belmont, Golden Gate Fields, and Santa Anita Park.

Where is XBTV located?

Of course, www.XBTV.com is an online network, meaning you do not have to go to any physical building to access its wealth of content. Nonetheless, it has its headquarters at the Santa Anita Park located in Arcadia, California. This digital studio is only one of the company’s bases. It is also based in Gulfstream Park in Hallandale Beach, Florida. Don’t worry about locating these places because all you really need is on their online website.

Who Can Use XBTV?

Basically, anyone who loves horse racing and wants to get timely updates on workouts from tracks all over the country can log on to the website to access such content. There is no age restriction, nor do you have to be a horse racing lover in the first place. It can be used for informational and research purposes as well.

www.XBTV.com Costs

Probably the best part about the network is that it is completely free of charge. That’s right, you have access to all the aforementioned at no cost to you and without any requirement to sign-up.

How To Get The Most Out Of www.XBTV.com

While www.XBTV.com is available online all day every day, you can access restricted content by logging on to Xpressbet.com. You are free to check the website at any time of the day, all you need is a laptop, desktop, smartphone or any mobile device with internet connection. Content is constantly being uploaded by the minute making it the most reliable source of horse racing content.




The horse racing industry is thriving greatly and with this comes a need for platforms that allow horse racing fans to easily watch races and check results online immediately they are uploaded. This is why Batavia Bets is fast becoming one of the most-used platforms by horse racing lovers in New York. With proven success with SaratogaBets.com, the launch of Batavia Bets was well thought out, providing bigger and better wagering for customers.

What Is Batavia Bets?

Batavia Bets was birthed when Batavia Downs partnered with Saratoga Casino and Raceway, and eBet Technologies. This wagering option provides a platform for users to watch live races, check the results of these races as they come and of course, place wagers. Batavia Bets is one of the greatest ways to improve the horse racing industry as internet users have easier access to wagering.

The introduction of Batavia Bets was also for the purpose of getting more people interested in horse racing and increasing support for the sport as a whole. Owned and operated by the Western Regional Off-Track Betting Corporation, Batavia Bets is an Advanced Deposit Wagering (ADW) service. This means that you can access legal and secure online wagering right from the comfort of your home. Of course, in order to wager on any horse, horseplayers must be 18 years or older. Thus, you cannot use Batavia Bets if you are underage. This is because wagering is a form of gambling, and can easily become addictive if not played responsibly.

Nonetheless, Batavia Bets provides the perfect horse betting experience and is easily the go-to destination for wagering in New York horse racing.

What Are the Best Tips For Wagering according to Batavia Bets?

Wagering can become a mastered skill with enough practice and yes, a lot of luck. Much like any other form of sports betting, Batavia Bets offers players a chance to pick horses they believe will win and earn rewards if the horse actually wins.

Now, making good picks is not as simple as randomly selecting the horse with the finest mane or hottest jockey. While some horseplayers do use such approaches, they often do so just for fun and not for wagering purposes. Making picks based on lucky numbers, birthdays or horse appearance is not a wise way to earn profits from wagering. Inevitably, you will lose your money more often than you would have expected.

To select horses, be sure to consider certain factors such as the odds given by the track’s handicapper, the past performance of the horses and what the competition is like in the race. When looking at a particular horse, be sure to check how well he has fared in similar races.

Another important tip from Batavia Bets is separating the contenders from the pretenders. This refers to separating the horses that have a high chance of winning from those that have no chance of winning. Of course, there will also be horses you are not sure of, these will have their own category.

After classifying these horses, it is much easier to place wagers on the right horse picks.



Horse racing is one sport with hundreds of thousands of fans all over North America. People love watching races but of course, they cannot watch every single horse race. This is where Equibase Virtual Stable comes in. As much as horse racing enthusiasts try so hard to be up to date with the latest races to wager on, this can prove to be a herculean task. However, technology is advancing every single day and horse racing is not left behind. The introduction of the Equibase Virtual Stable is one technological advancement that is making waves in the horse racing scene. But wait, what is Equibase Virtual Stable in the first place?

What Is Equibase Virtual Stable?

While old-fashioned horse race lovers don’t mind scouring all the horse races that took place over the past week, most horse racing fans today would rather be notified about only the races they are interested in. This is just one feature of the Equibase Virtual Stable.

The Equibase Virtual Stable is an email notification service that provides alerts to subscribers on new races, results, entries, and horses based on the preferred horses selected by the subscriber. The great thing about this service is that it is free of charge and users get to receive timely notifications instead of going through every race or entry.

The Equibase Virtual Stable provides race day notices just a few hours after post time and comprises links subscribers can use to wager through the ADW sponsors. The only restriction is that subscribers who want to place wagers must be customers of at least one of the sponsors (Brisbet.com, TVG, Winticket.com, and Youbet.com).

What Are The Purposes Of Equibase Virtual Stable?

The Equibase Virtual Stable has numerous purposes and is the first of its kind. Equibase is constantly improving the service and its mobile and web versions have been recently updated.

For starters, the purpose of the Equibase Virtual Stable is to ensure horse racing fans do not lose track of horses that are sitting on a strong effort. The service allows handicappers to watch up to 200 horses by registering the names of the horses to receive email notifications when any of these horses is in the entries.

This service makes it easy for trip handicappers to monitor horses who had huge efforts instead of checking entries at every track, every single day. It is a must-have for any horse racing lover who wants to make good horse picks.

With the Equibase Virtual Stable, you don’t have to remind yourself to take another opportunity at the betting windows of a horse that previously didn’t do as well as you thought it would. You will get an email once an opportunity opens up and you don’t have to keep checking back for it.

Simply subscribing to the Equibase Virtual Stable will help you make a wager at the right time and not when it is too late. It is indeed a cutting-edge innovation in the horse-racing industry.