Horse racing is one sport with hundreds of thousands of fans all over North America. People love watching races but of course, they cannot watch every single horse race. This is where Equibase Virtual Stable comes in. As much as horse racing enthusiasts try so hard to be up to date with the latest races to wager on, this can prove to be a herculean task. However, technology is advancing every single day and horse racing is not left behind. The introduction of the Equibase Virtual Stable is one technological advancement that is making waves in the horse racing scene. But wait, what is Equibase Virtual Stable in the first place?

What Is Equibase Virtual Stable?

While old-fashioned horse race lovers don’t mind scouring all the horse races that took place over the past week, most horse racing fans today would rather be notified about only the races they are interested in. This is just one feature of the Equibase Virtual Stable.

The Equibase Virtual Stable is an email notification service that provides alerts to subscribers on new races, results, entries, and horses based on the preferred horses selected by the subscriber. The great thing about this service is that it is free of charge and users get to receive timely notifications instead of going through every race or entry.

The Equibase Virtual Stable provides race day notices just a few hours after post time and comprises links subscribers can use to wager through the ADW sponsors. The only restriction is that subscribers who want to place wagers must be customers of at least one of the sponsors (Brisbet.com, TVG, Winticket.com, and Youbet.com).

What Are The Purposes Of Equibase Virtual Stable?

The Equibase Virtual Stable has numerous purposes and is the first of its kind. Equibase is constantly improving the service and its mobile and web versions have been recently updated.

For starters, the purpose of the Equibase Virtual Stable is to ensure horse racing fans do not lose track of horses that are sitting on a strong effort. The service allows handicappers to watch up to 200 horses by registering the names of the horses to receive email notifications when any of these horses is in the entries.

This service makes it easy for trip handicappers to monitor horses who had huge efforts instead of checking entries at every track, every single day. It is a must-have for any horse racing lover who wants to make good horse picks.

With the Equibase Virtual Stable, you don’t have to remind yourself to take another opportunity at the betting windows of a horse that previously didn’t do as well as you thought it would. You will get an email once an opportunity opens up and you don’t have to keep checking back for it.

Simply subscribing to the Equibase Virtual Stable will help you make a wager at the right time and not when it is too late. It is indeed a cutting-edge innovation in the horse-racing industry.

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