The horse racing industry is thriving greatly and with this comes a need for platforms that allow horse racing fans to easily watch races and check results online immediately they are uploaded. This is why Batavia Bets is fast becoming one of the most-used platforms by horse racing lovers in New York. With proven success with, the launch of Batavia Bets was well thought out, providing bigger and better wagering for customers.

What Is Batavia Bets?

Batavia Bets was birthed when Batavia Downs partnered with Saratoga Casino and Raceway, and eBet Technologies. This wagering option provides a platform for users to watch live races, check the results of these races as they come and of course, place wagers. Batavia Bets is one of the greatest ways to improve the horse racing industry as internet users have easier access to wagering.

The introduction of Batavia Bets was also for the purpose of getting more people interested in horse racing and increasing support for the sport as a whole. Owned and operated by the Western Regional Off-Track Betting Corporation, Batavia Bets is an Advanced Deposit Wagering (ADW) service. This means that you can access legal and secure online wagering right from the comfort of your home. Of course, in order to wager on any horse, horseplayers must be 18 years or older. Thus, you cannot use Batavia Bets if you are underage. This is because wagering is a form of gambling, and can easily become addictive if not played responsibly.

Nonetheless, Batavia Bets provides the perfect horse betting experience and is easily the go-to destination for wagering in New York horse racing.

What Are the Best Tips For Wagering according to Batavia Bets?

Wagering can become a mastered skill with enough practice and yes, a lot of luck. Much like any other form of sports betting, Batavia Bets offers players a chance to pick horses they believe will win and earn rewards if the horse actually wins.

Now, making good picks is not as simple as randomly selecting the horse with the finest mane or hottest jockey. While some horseplayers do use such approaches, they often do so just for fun and not for wagering purposes. Making picks based on lucky numbers, birthdays or horse appearance is not a wise way to earn profits from wagering. Inevitably, you will lose your money more often than you would have expected.

To select horses, be sure to consider certain factors such as the odds given by the track’s handicapper, the past performance of the horses and what the competition is like in the race. When looking at a particular horse, be sure to check how well he has fared in similar races.

Another important tip from Batavia Bets is separating the contenders from the pretenders. This refers to separating the horses that have a high chance of winning from those that have no chance of winning. Of course, there will also be horses you are not sure of, these will have their own category.

After classifying these horses, it is much easier to place wagers on the right horse picks.

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