E-ponies- What’s Behind The Data

Using a manipulation of e-ponies using MS Excel offers varying preliminary results that look amazing. E-ponies simply refers to a computer-based thoroughbred industry predictive analysis. This website has been designed to offer some of the most researched and well-analyzed picks. Since e-ponies present information to you with some of the best data to back it up. You can pick a wide range of selections that have been picked by experts in the game. The data that are provided on the website are all accurate and when compared to some of the other websites in the line, e-ponies happen to be way ahead of them. Visit the website to get your hands on some of the biggest odds.

What most of the experts do is take the e-ponies data, re-weigh it and also ensure that they are recreated for a number of reasons. One of the main functions of e-ponies is that it takes from a long list of randomly selected tracks then shorten them to ensure that you can get the best picks. Most of the people that have made use of e-ponies have talked about some of the great benefits they offer. Some of these benefits include but are definitely not limited to these;

  1. Accurate Horse Racing Data – prior to this time all in the horse racing industry would have to rely on man-made data and most of this time these data are false and unverifiable. To solve this problem, e-ponies have been designed. They are referred to as the key phrase in the industry because they offer helpful tips that you can stake on. They also store data that are helpful to individuals as well. It can be said to be the best site for all your horse racing picks.
  2. Best Odds – when compared to other websites, e-ponies tend to offer some of the best odds in the industry. This is exactly why it is one of the most talked-about horse racing and analytics data website in the industry. Unlike some of the other websites, e-ponies ensure that users can choose the best bookmaker for the odds they want to wager on.

How To Stake

Once you have gotten an idea of the best odds to pick from, the next thing to do would be to add them to your bet slip menu. Once that is done, you can simply have your bet placed on any of the bookmakers of your choice. That is the most interesting part of this website.

In addition to this, this website as mentioned earlier recommends some of the biggest bookmakers that you can choose from in the process making it completely hassle-free to stake your games.

This website has been designed to offer all in the industry in-depth knowledge of horse racing and it does this by storing data and also ensuring that all can get their hands on this data. There are also free picks that you can choose from when you decide to visit this website.

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