As more and more people become interested in horse racing and wagering, there is an increased need for reliable handicappers. While horseplayers seek to make the best horse picks, this is no easy feat. The help of someone experienced in evaluating horses and selecting the best picks is highly regarded. Andy Serling is one of such handicappers who provides expert insight and analysis of horses to help horse racing lovers make good picks for each race.

Although there are no hard and fast rules for making good picks and earning high profits on your wagers, a handicapper makes it much easier to select the horse who is likely to win. With someone like Andy Serling, bettors have no choice but to listen whenever he talks. This is because he is known for being quite skeptical and makes a point not to jump to the most obvious conclusions.

Who Is Andy Serling?

Andy Serling is a well-known handicapper who also has a show known as Across the Board with Andy Sterling. The 57-year old provides commentary for the New York Racing Association (NYRA) and his picks are trusted by many all over New York and Florida. Andy Sterling was previously a stock trader about 10 years ago although during this time he had been doing a bit of handicapping.

With horse racing, almost everyone has their own opinion on the best horse picks. However, Andy Serling is one whose opinion is highly valued. There are several handicappers who each have their own analyses and opinions, but Andy Serling easily grabs the attention of even professional horseplayers and not just novices.

Andy Serling’s approach is to look for information that is not obvious on the surface. He believes you have to be smarter than other bettors to actually make profits at the track. He is easily one of the best handicappers because he doesn’t simply have good days and bad days. Even when he goes 0 for 10, his picks are often relied on compared to other handicappers.

Being a proactive individual, Andy Serling makes in-depth research on horses, noting their pedigrees, studying the performance of trainers and evaluating videos of horses’ past races. This is what gives him an edge over other handicappers.

What Is Handicapping?

Simply put, handicapping in horse racing involves evaluating horses based on their running history in order to decide which would be the likely one to win in a race. It is not a randomized system and definitely is not as simple as picking horses based on irrelevant factors like mane color.

Handicapping comprises assessing the ability of horses, their pure quality, how they fared in previous races, and the competition the horses will face in a race. Based on this information, the handicapper can provide well-detailed insight as to the right horses to pick and place wagers on.

Some handicappers are better than others because they dig deeper and generally do not follow the crowd. They give unique options rather than stating obvious circumstances. Andy Serling is one such handicapper who also incorporates various handicapping facets into his daily play.

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