If you have ever been to a popular horse racing track, then you have probably seen Kevin Cox but didn’t know it was him. Well, he’s kind of hard to miss (being 6’4 and often wearing a cowboy hat). For most horse racing lovers, Kevin Cox picks are the go-to for horse picks and he has become so well known that some fans simply depend on Kevin Cox picks.

In North America, horse racing is greatly loved and with so many entries daily, it becomes necessary to make good horse picks like Kevin Cox picks. However, not everyone can do this effortlessly. In fact, making good horse picks does require some tact, research, and experience. While you can do these on your own, people do prefer to rely on a trusted handicapper, hence, Kevin Cox picks are often sought.

Who Is Kevin Cox?

There are a thousand and one things to say about Kevin Cox. Also known as the Brooklyn Cowboy, Kevin Cox is a Brooklyn, NY native who is considered one of the greatest horse handicappers. He was actually an employee of the NYPD for 20 years and a lead character in a series involving handicapping contests.

Currently, Kevin Cox a wein involved in a webbsite called Saratoga Bets and this is easily the best place to find Kevin Cox picks. Here, he provides his top horse selections as well as analyses of each one. For anyone searching for Kevin Cox picks, this website is the first place you should check out.

Being an outspoken person, Kevin Cox has been an advocate for proper aftercare of horse racetracks and horses themselves. He believes horses should be well taken care of and not over-worked. Just because a horse is so good on the racetrack does not mean it cannot break down at any moment due to lack of care. This is one of the major reasons Kevin Cox picks are often amongst the best.

What Does A Horse Handicapper Do?

In horse racing, horses are given ratings after taking part in three races. The handicapper is someone who assesses a horse to determine if it will be a good pick, just like Kevin Cox picks. Each week, handicappers re-assess horses based on their running history and keep records of their ability. This assessment is what determines the horse’s official racing. Kevin Cox picks are often along these lines.


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